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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the quail raising world and am looking for a couple of pointers. I have a cage I built myself (attached pictures below), it is 3'x2'. I figured it could hold about 4-6 birds, but I really want more. How big of a cage would i need if I wanted a dozen or so? Also I live in Iowa and we have single degree winters, if I'm raising coturnix do I need to bring them inside? I want to sell the eggs and eventually the birds, then replenish stock; where do you guys sell your birds? I was thinking farmers market, but might develop a small business if I can find suppliers. Finally, do you guys use artificial nesting boxes or just give them material to lay on?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me, and sorry to make the first post such a long one!

    P.S.. are the same eggs for reproducing the same ones for eating?


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    Welcome to BYC and the quail forums!

    The pen you have pictured would be fine for about 6 quail. If you want more birds, than double this size.

    As for the winters, you will need to use bedding on the floor or go solid with bedding on top. Something to snuggle down into during those cold winter nights. You don't need to bring them inside, but they will need protection from the wind, rain and snow. The floor cannot be allowing wind and air to blow up thru it because if quail can't keep their feet warm, they can freeze to death. (heat escapes from the feet) You will also need to cover at least 3 sides and possibly most of the 4th side. Wind will suck the heat right out of the quail. So as long as they have a warm bedded floor, a place to escape the wind and snow, then they will survive. You could always move the entire thing into a barn or garage for the worst of winter. But you would still need to keep the floor warm for their feet.

    Quail will sometimes use hidey type holes to lay eggs in, sometimes not. You can use over turned flower pots with a mouse hole cut into the bottom and put some grass hay inside and generally this will entice them to make a nest and lay there. Otherwise, they will lay their eggs anywhere.

    As for selling eggs, some states do require permits to sell them. You would need to check with your city. Or just ask at your local market to see if they would take them without a permit. I know around here, we can get away with selling to whom every we please. Usually eating eggs are not fertilized. Oh, and restaurants, especially Mexican restaurants love quail eggs. :)

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