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10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Hi All,
I am just getting into the backyard chickens and I have 6 Rhode Island red hens and 1 rooster. I built a 4X8 coop and plan to free range the chickens once they are big enough to let out. The design of the coop is simple I went with a single slant roof, but I have a couple of questions. I live in south carolina and it gets pretty warm here and I was thinking about making the siding hinged so that during the summer time I could lower/raise sections to allow air flow and then during the winter put them back to keep in the warmth. any suggestions? I haven't quite finished it yet will post photo when done.
First, I suggest you read Pat's Ventilation Page. It is excellent.

Then, I'd provide as much ventilation as I could without creating drafts in winter and without compromising the predator protection of the coop. Having panels you can open up in summer is great but you also need plenty of draft-free ventilation in the winter.

Good luck!
That's a great idea! I live in a hot weather climate too and love your idea of a convertible hot weather/cold weather coop. I may have to steal that!

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