New to raising chickens and don't know what I have

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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013

Hello fellow BYC peeps,

I'm new (less than one week) into raising chicks. I got mine from City Farmers Nursery here in San Diego and they are all four (almost five) weeks old. My question is "What kind are they?" I was told that I got one Leghorn, two buff Orpingtons and two Jersey Giants. But am not sure. There's one (the one photographed perched in the middle) that doesn't look like a Jersey Giant but what do I know. If anyone has an idea I'd appreciate it. She's so pretty - a friend said she looks like Phyllis Diller :)

Thanks so much!
I think we're going to need a larger picture. I can't even tell, are all five birds in the photo?

Best I can tell from that tiny photo is that the second from the left looks barred. If there is a second black & white bird in the middle it looks more like a Mottled Houdan or something.

ETA: one of the buffs also looks a bit dark--more like a production red, Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red. But that could just be lighting in the photo?
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Sorry this isn't much better of a photo but this is our Minila. She has an adorable head of white feathers with a crown of black. Her neck is white and her chest has a strip of white. She is one of the most shy girls we have. They are all very sweet, I just want to figure out what she is. Thanks again!

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