new to raising turkeys


8 Years
Jan 7, 2012
hi my name is kurt. I recieved 3 eastern turkeys about a month ago, they are about 1 year old. 2 toms and 1 hen. Tomorow i am going to get 2 more narragansette hens and was wondering what i should expect is the eastern and narragansette bread. Any help in my quest is graetly appreciated thanks to all..
Well, one thing I should warn you is to keep an eye on them if you free range them AND you have native turkeys in your area. Turkeys, especially toms during the Rutt, don't discriminate between free-range and wild freedom when there are both around. All toms get ancy when they hear other toms during the rutt, and since turkeys are especially good at this, they could definately run away to join some wild flock. Or You could end up with a flock of 15 turkeys (mostly true wilds), which would not be good, (you could get burnt for poaching, specifically keeping a wild animal in captivity), or like I said you could loose your current turkeys (with which you would also get in trouble, that time for introducing domestic animals to the wild) (even though it's not your fault). My advise is to keep them fenced in or locked up during the rutt. Most of the rest of the time you should be fine.
thanks for the input, i put a picture on my profile of them. They are in a old horse stall in my barn.

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