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Sep 11, 2019
Hey Everyone,

I've been spying on this website for awhile now, and have gotten some very useful information!! I'm Bethany, and I'm fairly new to the chicken life. I start with eight, which was a lot for a new chicken mom, but hey, go big or go home, LOL!! I got started when I fell in love with my cousin's chicks and have to have some of my own. Me and her left on lunch and when I came back to work, I was the proud owner of 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Orpingtons. And when I say came back to work, they came with me!! I set them up in a rabbit cage, with a heat lamp in the hall way, and we all had a blast that day!! They are about 3-4 months old now.

I then went to "Dog Days" in my area, which is an over sized, extremely country, flea market, with everything from knick knacks to livestock. I thought I was country, but I was prepared for the level of country here. I almost came unglued, when I saw them stuffing live chickens in potato sacks. So I knew I had to rescue something. So I saw this one hen, and by the loss of feathers and the farmers jokes about her being the roosters favorite, I knew she was the one!! She adapted quickly!! And I rescued 3 chicks, but my black Turken was the only one to survive. Those farmers had a kick out of me and my cousin walking away with chickens in a cat carrier, and us calling ourselves "city country".

I've since added 2 Cochins, 2 Delawares, 1 male rescue call duck (in need of a female friend), and 2 ducklings!!

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