New to the Washingtonian thread, looking for local breeders


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Apr 3, 2012
Hey fellow Washingtonians!

Glad I finally found you all!

I live up in Snohomish County and just started my flock in February. We currently have 37 chickens between 3 weeks and 14 weeks old. Hoping all are pullets, (still waiting for a few of the young ones to fully feather out), and looking to add a few more to my flock.

I am looking for a breeder close, within an hour drive, or willing to ship to me.

Specifically looking for:
* blue laced red and black laced red wyandotte pullets
* blue, splash copper maran pullets
* blue andalusian pullets
*blue and lavender orpington pullets
*blue cochin pullets
* blue americauna pullets

Do you know of local breeders that work with these specific breeds?

Thanks for any and all help!


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