New to the whole game of ducks, advice?


7 Years
Hiya everyone!

I've done the whole raise chicks thing except hatching but I've got the whole chicken deal under control. But.. I'm going to be doing ducks in a couple months but I'm a bit unsure on the best way to do the whole water/swimming deal. Emptying and refilling everyday sounds like a lot of work.. Is that the predominant way to do it?

Also, what do I do for a coup/nesting/etc? From what I've read, ducks get along well with chickens.. Pigs too? I have a breeding pair of guinea hogs..

Thanks for your time!
My ducks don't use a nest box - they make their own nests in corners. So I have attached some 4 sq. ft. plywood panels at right angles to the wall in the night pen to make more corners.

Takes me just a minute to dump the swim pans (concrete mixing pans). I have a channel that runs from the edge of the duck pen to raised garden beds.

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