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Mar 22, 2018
Hi - I am from Cape Town South Africa - we have had our four (hopefully) hens for just over a week. I am a little worried that one may be a rooster, but as they are only around 2-3 months old I am having difficulty in sexing them. Also not sure of the breed - I think the two grey ones are silkie/Potch Koekoek crosses, and the smaller white one is a white leghorn/silkie cross - I think! The largest one - the possible rooster - appears to be along the lines of a white leghorn. Could anyone help with me with figuring this out? :) Not the greatest pic - but trying not to disturb them too much at this stage. upload_2018-3-22_10-40-15.png


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Jan 10, 2013
:welcome so glad you have joined us.

Do post the question in the what gender/breed forum to get the best opines.

For each -- post each with it's own pic - for gender it's best to get several pics or at least a side view close up.

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