New to this and worried about egg laying


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Sep 11, 2010
I posted a few days ago about my chickens laying in random places and/or eating eggs. I watched one hen drop an egg in the barn (not the coop) while they were free ranging and they all rushed to her to eat it. They ate it within seconds. I never saw whether or not it had a shell. I just got the chickens about 2 weeks ago. Three 8 mo pullets and one 2 yo chicken, along with a rooster. They started laying 36 hours after we had them in their new home and I was consistently getting 3 eggs a day. I was thrilled. Anyway, the egg thing happened in the barn (they free range from 4-10 hours a day, depending on when we are home), and I've gotten one egg a day for 3 days now, in the nesting boxes. I've not seen anywhere else they've nested and neither have I found any eggs anywhere else. Its been chilly here, and it was warm, so that could be the problem, right? Or is it something I really need to worry about? I'm going to put 2 golf balls in the nests this morning.

They don't seem to be stressed, really.

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