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Jun 22, 2022
I am totally new to raising any form of chickens or animals (aside from the standard dogs, cats, and reptiles). As of a few days ago, I acquired a chicken coop (equipped with 10 hens and 1 rooster) along with a greenhouse and very large gardening area - they were included in the purchase of our home & land. While the prior homeowners are still around and have given some guidance and shown what they do on a normal day to day basis with the chickens, I am not sure of their breed and really not certain I am well enough prepared to handle raising chickens on my own. This is what attracted me to BYC (at the recommendation of the prior chicken keeper)! I want to make sure I am doing best by them and will likely lean on you all to help me if I get stuck! They are beautiful and lay some great eggs. Between the chickens and the garden, I have a lot of research and learning to do and I am pretty excited about it!

We are located south of Colorado Springs, Colorado. A small family, myself, my SO and my daughter (10) and 2 dogs (an Australian Cattle Dog and a Corgi/Jack Russel mix). We relocated from Arizona and are so glad to be out of the heat with some great scenery and fun adventures!

Thank you all for having me! If anyone knows what breed this is, that would be awesome as well. They are not very familiar with me yet so I have not invaded their space too much at this point. The picture I have posted may not be perfect - I can try and get more pics if need be.

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Glad to meet you, Rachelle. Congratulations on your new, cooler farm home. I bet your dogs love it as much as you do. Very beautiful chickens and a handsome rooster.

Here is a link to my favorite condensed intro to chicken keeping. Though it starts with chicks, it is comprehensive, and covers your grown up chickens as well. It's a brief read, with helpful pictures.

You can find lots of other stuff to read, and places to ask questions by exploring the FORUMS and looking through the LEARNING CENTER where there are articles and a huge selection of coops (though you already have that covered, yay!).

If you browse down the Forums, you will see that there are lots of sections, for WHAT BREED (where you can ask again if you want), to WHERE AM I/WHERE ARE YOU (which is how to find other members near you). There are also forums to discuss lots of other things from gardening to other animals, to hobbies.

Best wishes with your lovely new flock. You are lucky to have inherited the whole kaboodle, and laying hens all at once. Have a wonderful time with your chickens. They are fun animals.

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