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Jun 6, 2020
Hi my name is Munch49 . I have just built my own coop and chicken house and moved originally 8 Rhode Island reds in all girls.
Ive always wanted to own chickens and have my own fresh eggs daily.
I do have dogs and cats two german shepherds and 12 cats all rescues all getting on now .
I was offered some chickens of 7 months old as a friend had bought some but his other half could not cope with them after he had spent a fortune on wood to build a massive chicken house and he had purchased all the bits and bobs but she hated the smell and that they jumped up at her so after a fortnight of owning them he offered them to me at a reasonable price as he knew I was building a coop for my own I had planned to purchase in about 3 months time.
In the first week of owning them i had one hen that was not laying or the second week and then on the 3rd week it came out in morning and a couple of hours later it lay down went to sleep and never woke back up. I was informed that it might of been egg bound. Since that day ive had no trouble with any of the other girls and I get between 5 -7 eggs daily from the remaining 7 chickens. I have tried to read up on as much as possible on what they can and cant eat and some things I find diferent people say they cant eat on one forum that they can on another ? I do give them some left overs from the dinner plates but no onions and i add Oragano onto some of there food give them some cat food now and again and other veg and fruit. I will listen to all the advice given as i am still learning and i appreciate all the help that ime given. Myself I am a family man with 2 grown up daughters and 2 grandchildren I am critically ill but potter around the garden and look after all my animals. My other half is not so keen on chickens as they dig up the back garden and poop a lot ( which i clean up several times aday) I dont eat any food and I am fed through a feedpack straight into my blood stream.
I just want to say thank you for letting me join your forum.

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