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Nov 6, 2020
Hi I am fairly new to this and have a small holding in the new forest .

I have 12 Rhode Island Reds some are around 3 years old and the others about 1 year but some Of them are turning white !
They don’t appear stressed (although one older one died and I didn’t get there in time and they ate it )
I have not changed food
Any suggestions welcome please
Welcome! This could be of molting, or they are changing the color of their feathers you might also notice more feathers on the ground. Normally in this season, they loose old feathers and get new ones I had some Rhode Islands that did that. My 6 Rhode Island reds now are red white, and their tail feathers are blue in the sun!
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Interested to see what turning white indicates... I have a 10 year old black sexlink that has a few feathers turning white (assuming old age for her) but also another 8 month old Polish that has white tips on a few crest feathers (assuming a vit/min difficiency or stress for this one).

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