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I'm new to chicken care and Inherited a flock of 5 hens and a rooster from some people who moved. They've just started laying eggs and it's been pretty exciting for the kids. We got 35 eggs last week! But, I am a bit worried about how these chickens will survive our arctic winter. It'll be their first. So, I joined this site for help! Great resource.
Greetings from Kansas, kmarvin, and
! Great to have you here. How arctic are you? I know a lot of folks on BYC raise birds through some pretty tough northern winters, You can find lots of information on BYC about this. I think the big thing is making sure they their water is thawed and providing them a draft-free coop and proper nutrition since they won't be getting much food on their own in the winter. They are able to keep pretty warm on their roost. Also, some breeds are better designed for the cold. What types do you have?

Yes, this is a very helpful website, I joined about a week or two ago i think.
What breed of chickens do you have?
Most breeds are hardy to winter. Most of their body is feathers which keep them nice and warm. Make sure you winterize the coop though!
I live in Northwest Alaska, about 100 miles south of the arctic circle. I have a small 8x6 insulated coop that I hope will give them enough protection. I'm not sure of the breed. They look like Plymouths but they have grey and pinkish feet. Maybe a cross between a Plymouth and Maran? They lay very brown eggs although not as brown as I'd expect if they were Marans.

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