New to turkeys and getting a chick this week.


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Jan 22, 2010
Dunnellon, Fl
Getting a little turkey soon, it's the same age as the chicks I have in the brooder (about 2 days). Any tips on keeping it healthy? This is the first turkey I'll have. I believe it's a royal palm. I'm planning on taking care of it like my wife wants to do with a duckling she plans on geting, having it with me as much as possible throughout the day. Hoping to make it extremely friendly.
We have a gamebird/showbird conditioner and chick starter. But I'll try to get some higher protein feed too. Either as meat-bird conditioner or actual turkey grower.
Buy turkey starter or gamebird starter which is 26 or 28% protein. That is what they need.
I found chicks to be more pushy than poults (they are more *thoughtful?* and slightly different in behavior, so just make sure the chicks don't push the turkeys around when little).

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