New too the group thank you for the add:)


Jul 19, 2016
New Hampshire
Thank you again for the add I have 6 five month old khakis and 2 7week old khakis now(rescued) and two young chickens, I'm highly interested in free ranging but not sure how to approach letting the ducks (only the 5month olds) for now do so... I live on a Brook that runs year around so I'm afraid they'll take off they still remain a bit skittish but home very well into the coop from their run at bedtime thank you for any advice :)
The water shouldn't cause them to run off... once they're bonded to home, they will stay close... you might have to herd them out of it though, lol... I free range my Call ducks every day... when it starts getting dark they come up the hill to the pen on their own... once in a while a few stragglers try to stay out, but they know where safety is... no way to know how they'll do until you try... just make sure that you can be around the first times you let them out... oh, and bribery works wonders too...

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