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Jun 10, 2022
I was recently “gifted” a male turkey from a neighbor, he was in a pen for over one week with no food or water. We have tried to co tact local authorities but no response. She started taking food and water daily to him once she realized he had been abandoned. Both feet seem swollen and deformed but the left foot is worse. He limps after he has walked a bit. He is super sweet and follows me everywhere, good appetite, drinks water and is pooping. I am new to all of this and I’m not able to find a vet in our area to help. I am in a very rural part of East Tennessee. His wings have been clipped and I just hate for him to be in pain.


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I feel so bad because I know next to nothing, I just couldn’t let him starve to death. Thank you for responding!


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Welcome to BackYard Chickens! We're glad that you've popped in and joined us.
I don't know anything about turkeys, sorry, but I hope that you can get help soon. Good luck with him, and may God bless you.
Have you checked the bottoms of his feet for bumblefoot/infections? Other than his feet, he looks to be in good condition.
I do not see anything, no black spots. His feathers are in kind of poor condition, they look tattered but he seems t be happy. Loves being with us and our dogs.

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