New Urban chicken coop building it now. Need help and advie.


7 Years
May 26, 2012
I am building a 3 foot by 6 foot long coop about 6 or 7 ft high.
How much venting should I do and should I screen it. I was going to just leave the raftter space on each side open.

Also the framing is done and Now ready to ply wood the sides, do you put the ply wood up and then cut out for windows doors and external nesting boxes or do you cut them out then put plywood sides up cut,
I see on this one guys looks like he put everything up and then did cut outs???
How high up shoot the roosting pole be off the ground?
Thanks for the help,
I am new to this,

Hello and welcome to BYC! Sorry, I know nothing about building coops out of wood

Have a look in the Coop section on this forum. There's plenty info and tips there. Enjoy the site!
Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined. My DH put the sides up, than cut the holes but that's only because I change my mind to many times, so he waits now. :lol: The height of the roost depends on the size of the bird. Start out low and gradually move it up. :thumbsup
ok so what are you cutting the holes in sides with? I guess a jig saw huh? because a circular saw would have to overcut and have cut lines past where you would want the windows doors etc..

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