New Website finally up and running!!!! Check out our birds...


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Cumberland, VA
Hi everyone just wanted you to know we have our site almost up and running but its almost done. Alot of of the breeds we have are in the pictures so if you would like to check it out feel free to! We will add the rest of our birds as we have time. Thanks in advance.

nice site!

you may want to update your profile and list your website to your avatar area!

nice work.
thank you so much!!! we will but we really just finished this morning and still have more pics to add but after all the work it can wait for a bit haha...

thank you so much we have really become selective on what I buy. The blue laced are not hatchery! the silver laced are our only hatchery birds now, but the old rooster in the pic has become to much a pet to get rid of so we have have kept them. The light brahmas came from a private breeder here in virginia and are young, infact got our first egg this morning. The cubalaya came from sandhill preservation and are great. The barred rocks are from private breeders except one and the japs came from private breeders. All the marans came from mergmet which I was informed are from valentine? I just bought a pair of asil game birds from a man here in virginia who is a large breeder of games. The the ringneck pheasants and silvers came from locals as well. Cant remember but need to check to see if we added the partridge cochins or the partridge wyandotte bantams. Currently im looking at adding some of those light sussex from the imported lines from aulstralia, some more black copper marans, other marans, asils, shamos, and so on. Hope one day to have the best around but its alot of work
Suggestion - You should include information about where you are located. City and State. I oftentimes look for this information when looking at a website to see if it is relatively close or many states away.
What is the background on the Sandhill "cubalayas"? Did they give you any info on their makeup?... Good to see someone looking into preserving Oriental Games as well, need all the help we can get
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I did not buy them straight from the preservation but through someone who bought from them. I dont know how much help ill be as im just now looking and learning about games but just love them. Great birds and the ones we have are really friendly.


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