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    Hello everyone,

    Well i bought a couple of chicks from Ideal poultry because i wanted to start raising some chickens. I got Two Red sex links, Three Golden Sex links, Two white rocks, Three Cornish Crosses, Three Easter Egger chickens. Well my chickens are about a month and a half; after learning much on other chicken breeds and learning on the differences on quality in standard Ameracaunas(Since i was confused with EE's) and Marans i am now thinking of getting some other chickens to add to the ones i have. i am just wanting to add only the best so that i know i have the best in their standards.............

    1.So I am wanting to know who are the best breeders of Large fowl Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Standard Ameracaunas? i would appreciate any reccomendations( the ones that do have very nice true blue eggs?

    I have heard of Barbara Campbell having the best in blue color egg stock, is this true? has anyone bought from her stock before? I would appreciate any good info on her chickens!

    2.I am wanting also true standard Large fowl Marans and wanted to know what breeders you guys might reccomend that have very nice stock with those nice chocolate eggs.........
    I have heard of of Bev Davis and she has very beautiful Wheaten Marans that i would be interested in, has anyone bought hers before? i would appreciate any info too.

    Lastly I am interested in a Sebastapol Hen, does anyone reccomend any breeders of Sebastapol geese? I am interested in buying fertile eggs, or day old goslings so if anyone might know where i might find some please do not hesitate to PM me or inform me.

    Well these are the only things i am interested at the time.
    i am interested in chickens that might give a certain flare or unique addition to them, so if you guys would like to reccomend me any chicken that is like that, like special egg color, or look(i am interested in a very light brown egg color that looks like pink) please do reccomend!

    Thank you much!

    These are the only chickens i am interested right now for my stock
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