New with Corturnix questions... Help Please!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by RHRanch, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. RHRanch

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    1. How many square inches of floor space per bird in community housing?
    2. Should they be raised on wire only?
    3. How long is the incubation period, and what day do I stop turning?
    4. I was researching an I saw Tuxedo Corturnix, anyone here have hatching eggs of those they could sell me? I think I am going to like quail.
    5. Any tips as far as housing, feeding and handling I need to know?
  2. MobyQuail

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    Sep 10, 2010
    1. recommended is 1 sq. ft per bird, I like a little more.
    2. advised to raise on wire to avoid ground dwelling parasites but either can be done
    3. 16-18 days, stop turning day 14-15
    4. Tuxedos are very striking birds, my friend diggerduck has many and is concentrating on just those colors. hard to be good at all the colors, imho.
    5. gamebird starter for feed and your own experience is your best guide, with advice from others you trust, get started and soon you will be answering these questions.

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  4. RHRanch

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    What size wire is best for the flooring? I am looking for pens right now.
  5. chickbird

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    May 4, 2009
    1/2 inch hardware cloth as your wire.
  6. jbobs

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    You can get away with 1/2 square foot per bird but they are definetly happier with 1 square foot or more.

    If you can't find gamebird starter where you live, you can use turkey starter instead. they don't carry gamebird starter at my feed store so i have raised hundreds of birds on turkey starter with no issues.

    Definetly use 1/2 inch square mesh as a floor, but it's nice to include some cardboard boxes with hay or sand as well so they can nest and dustbathe if they feel like it. It also provides them with hiding spots and divides up the space which reduces stress, especially in large colonies or dense colonies. Don't make the ceiling too tall or the birds can break their necks on the roof - I usually make mine 18 inches tall, just tall enough that i can get in there with my upper body.

    Tuxedos are nice birds, and it's a challange trying to get them looking really good. You just can't sex them by feather colour so you have to wait till they are about 6 weeks to tell the males from the females.

    Good luck!

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