New with question about keeping certain breeds together (Sussex, Wyandotte, Dominique).


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Hello, everyone! I'm brand new to this forum and still very new to chickens as well
. I have a question about the new flock of chickens I'm starting. I got my first two chicks yesterday (yay!) and they are Speckled Sussex. I originally wanted only Speckled Sussex but my local place only had two left and couldn't order more. So I bought them. They are a little on the older side and are starting to get their feathers but they are nice and very healthy (and very chirpy).

I want to have six chickens, total. So, after discussing it with my chicken lady, I agreed to get two Blue Laced Red Wyandottes which will be coming in on May 1st and will be a couple days old.

I want to round out my flock of six with two Dominique chicks. I'm a little nervous because some websites have said that Dominique's are mean, horrible chickens who attack everything in sight while others have said that they are sweet and friendly and get along great with everyone. I know that temperament is somewhat subjective but I'm just curious if these three breeds will get along okay, in general. I'm not really worried about Wyandotte and Sussex. I just want to make sure that Dom's won't destroy the harmony!

They'll be kept in a small coop when they're older and allowed to free range in a good-sized yard during the day.

Thank you in advance, everyone!

Well I have never heard of a Dominque having a "rough" personality:) Live and learn....The only ones I have ever seen are very nice! I think you will be fine. Since you are getting them as baby chicks, you should be able to handle them and keep them tame and in wonderful harmony! Enjoy your babies!
Thank you, bargain, for your response

I went out today with my original intent to get two Dominique chicks but, after a little research, I changed my mind at the last minute and brought home three tiny baby Delaware chicks! A theoretical flock of six has now become seven ... lol. They were so adorable, I couldn't resist all three and I was very interested in the breed after my research. They come from a local small hatchery in Central California and seem to be very sweet. They're also super smart and curious! They get very perky and cock their little heads when I whistle at them. They love being held too. All three are mini Houdini's so I have them in a cat carrier they can't escape from ... lol.

I wanted to keep them with the larger SS chicks (about a month old I'm guessing?) but the Sussex's were picking on them right away so I have them in separate carriers for now placed very close together so they can see and hear each other and will place them together again once the Delaware's have gotten a little bigger and pecking order can be established on more even ground.

I'll post pictures tomorrow and hopefully the community here can help me guesstimate how old my two SS chickies are and help me with tips on how to help them be less aloof.

My Blue/Red Wyandottes come in on the 1st of May and I can't wait to watch all these babies grow up into beautiful chickens together. I'm so excited about my new Delawares and can't wait to learn from everyone's experiences here!

Thanks again

- Woods Witch
I have 1 Speckled Sussex and 1 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte together with 4 Faverolles. Out of the 6, the Sussex is the most "forward". First to try new treats and take things from my hands. The Wyandotte I'm thinking might be a Rooster.. Bigger than the rest of the flock and starting to get some pink/red in his comb. Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway. I love them!


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