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Aug 3, 2016
Hello, My name is Karen. We have been raising chickens for 2 years now. We bought 7 Rhode Island Reds at the age of 1 week old. They are now almost 13 weeks old. I did the feathering method and found out we had 2 roosters. So I gave those away. Now I'm thinking we may have more roosters. I am having a hard time telling them apart. I took pictures hoping that someone on here can tell me what I have. I really need to get rid of the roosters if I have any left. We only want hens in our flock. Please HELP!!!!! I will post pictures later.
Hi Karen and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us. The gender experts will help you out on the link that Redsoxs gave you.

All the best
enjoy the community, and much luck with your flock!

When hatching, we usually get more roosters that pullets. I am hatching a few chicks out right now..I have been ..lucky! So far, three girls, and only one boy..two more to hatch. I really want one of the eggs in there to be a girl. Now watch. :/

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