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I want to gladly announce that WolfQuest 2.7 has been released!!!

Wait you guys know what wolfquest is right? Well anyway, wolfquest is a virtual simulation of a wolf, which you get to customize. Once customized, you start the game(you get to choose gender too). You start out as a 2 year old grey wolf, your quest is to find a mate and start your own pack, interested yet? During the journey of finding a mate you can hunt elk and explore other wolf territories in search of your future mate. Once you find a potential mate of the opposite sex, you may interact with them to increase your 'trust'. Once you are trusted well you may bond with the wolf making you mates. Then after that you can travel to a new map and search for a den site. Once you find a den you will automatically time skip to spring, which you will have 4 pups. You and your mates job is to make sure that the pups and you survive. You will have to hunt and fill a extra food bar, when you return to your pups you will regurgitate the food for them to eat. After a while of keeping the pups fed and protecting them from predators(bears, coyotes etc.) You will move out of your den. Now it's time for the long journey to the rendezvous site. You will have to still protect your pups on this long journey, crossing rivers, hunting elk and dodging predators.
This game is amazingly fun and realistic! The 2.7 version of the game is $10.00 and the 2.5 version is free. But 2.7 has improved animal AI New map chats and new versions for multiplayer. Please tell me your interested in wolfquest.
On multiplayer you get to live the life of your wolf in a pack of 5, the 4 other pack members are friends or just WQ players playing with you. You can choose to just play pack life where you get to hunt and play with your friends, or you can play the other version where you get to raise pups, fighting for the survival of the pups.

Well I'm hoping to play this new version of the game soon. And sadly I may be leaving the community of BYC. So if you did read this thread and are excited or interested in playing the game, I hope to see you out there hunting with me some day. :)

To find this game go to
It should say get the game
Click it
Then buy the game

Version 2.7

Version 2.5

Why you should get version 2.7-
Yes, 2.7 does cost $10 but it is so much better than 2.5. They have done some major bug fixes and has improved mate and pup 'intelligence'. Prey can now sense you, and predators are more challenging. Bears can be chased off of carcasses now. There is a new map called Lost River. There is available chat on multiplayer. You can now raise pups in multiplayer. Pups can inherit the parents coat colors. Mate will help hunt and bring pups to rendezvous site. Pups will go inside den when out hunting. Great variety in customization. Graphics are great. And I think that's it.

About version 2.5-
Major bug issues. Mate is pretty dumb(will sometimes drown pups when crossing the river. Mate will not help hunt. The graphics are poorer. There isn't a chat on multiplayer. Pups will wonder off from den when your off hunting, and get killed by something. There is only two maps. There is few variety when customizing the wolf.
Let's just say altogether the new version is better. But the good thing is, is that version 2.5 is free, and you get to play.

So will you the game?
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Also I will be playing version 2.7 hopefully soon, and I posted this thread practically to say "Meet you there! And this is where I'll be"


Has anyone tried at least getting the free version?
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Mar 13, 2015
Always remember Anna. You can leave BYC but I know where you live

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