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Oct 13, 2015
I am looking for information on rooster behavior. I have a nine month old rooster (Rocky) that was introduced to a flock of 13 hens. He is a silver Wyandotte and the hens are also Wyandottes, two silvers and 11 reds. the hens are all about 2 years old.

I followed the advice on keeping him isolated for a short time. I had what I like to call a solitary confinement unit for misbehaving hens, a small area next to the run where the hens could adjust to him. I kept him in there for about 2 weeks since at the time he was only 7 months old.

it's been a month and a half since he was formally introduced to the flock. there were some issues with the hens pecking his tail feathers at first,sometimes drawing blood but he soon learned to at least avoid them. As of today he still hasn't fully matured. I quickly figured out that the other hens were not letting him eat. several times I found him with his head tucked into a corner of the coop, practically buried into the ground. I could see his tail feather shaking he was so scared of them. fits my ladies we're not letting him eat I now make sure that he gets to eat all he wants before I left the hens out of the coop. he is growing well although I still think he is underdeveloped. I say this because my mother got him for me and she also got herself a rooster at the same time (she started a new flock and also got 12 more wyandotte hens.) They are both the same age. her flock and rooster have matured together, so her rooster is now crowing and dominating his flock the way he is supposed to. mine on the other hand hasn't crowed even once. he's very gentle and very friendly. he eats out of my hand and is always the first one at the gate to greet me in the mornings and the afternoon.

my question is this, does anyone know how long it takes a hen pecked rooster to physically mature to where he will take charge of the flock. and should I isolate him for a little while longer so that he can get bigger? the whole purpose for getting the rooster was so that the flock would be self-sustaining. Feeling discouraged and worried about my buddy Rocky. He's so beautiful and I don't know what else to do for him. :(


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Jul 16, 2015
Your poor rooster isn't ready for being top chicken, he needs to mature a bit more and get some confidence, I think in the next couple of months as spring approaches his hormones will flare up and he will be a bit more confident. If they are drawing blood I might give him a place within the coop to be left alone for a while, maybe make the hens miss him a bit but within sight of them.

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