New2Ducks-question about "in-breeding"


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Maynard, MA
I'm about to obtain a few magpie ducks including one drake in an attempt to perpetuate the breed and to ensure a continual supply of eggs for eating. My question is that the only way to do this past the second generation is essentially inbreeding. Is this ok with waterfowl? I haven't found any information about this specific topic, so my assumption is that it's ok. I wouldn't do it with other animals, but again, I'm new to ducks. Advice??
hoenstly you would likely be better to try and obtain new drakes whenever you want a new generation of breeders, inbreeding does happen with alot of birds but personaly whenever possible it should be avoided, unless your ok with culling potentialy a large number of birds who have defects. you could always purchase a second pair as well from another source and if you realy get interested keep adding pairs to create a larger gen pool

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