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7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Been lurking for a while. Finally took the time to join as I am sure I will have plenty of questions in the future. Was around broilers when I was a kid. (Don't ask how many decades ago that was!) Now I have layers. I had 6 Rhode Island Red crosses last year and got rid of them for the winter. (I work when it snows and didn't want the wife to have to care for them.) Last winter was a mild one so now I am planning on keeping them year round. This year I have 10 birds. 6 Rhode Island Red crosses, (Don't know what they are crossed with. It is the breed offered at the local co-op.) as well as 3 Black Australorps, and 1 Ameraucana.

Am presently building a chicken tractor so I can increase my "herd" of birds. I started selling the extra eggs and that has gotten out of hand, but it keeps my retired mother in law entertained, hence the new tractor. (I sold 11 dozen this weekend alone. Luckily I have a guy I work with that keeps 24 of the same RIR crosses that I have.) It will also allow me to keep the chickens through the winter. I owe a bunch of people here thanks as I got alot of ideas for the tractor looking at pics of coops here. I will post pics when I can. Am killing myself trying to get it done right now so my girls will have a warm place to sleep soon. The small coop I built last year is not bad for a few birds, but not enough to house 10 birds, neverless more. They are weathering Sandy at the moument, but I know that the small coop is cramped for them all. It also isn't as tight as I want it to be. I don't expect to post again for a bit as all of my free time is either at work, (I expect to get called in tonight for problems due to Sandy, or working on the coop in the evenings when I get off of work. Sandy is the hurricane hitting the east coast as I am typing this.)

Just wanted to get an intro out.
Greetings from Kansas, yamahog3187, and
! Happy to have you here. Sounds like you have your hands full with Sandy - hang on tight! Best of luck with your coop and birds!!

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