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Apr 13, 2014
Hello. I am a newly hatched member, and hope to find answers to some questions here (will post in appropriate forums, of course.) I joined because every time I would Google a chicken related question, my best results almost always came from this site!

I am an animal behavior consultant and ran an all species animal rescue for most of a decade, until last year. I don't actually own chickens, but I have had three currently five day old chicks in my care for two days. I'm watching them for a friend because one has special needs and she was afraid to leave him home while she works long hours. I'm not delusional and understand this guy probably will not make it, he seems to have a neurological condition that prevents him from righting himself, but I made a cart for him so he can feed himself and run around in my basement. He is trying hard, so I haven't given up yet. I'm going to try a vet this week to see if we can get a diagnosis, at least, and know if it is a completely lost cause.

Looking forward to being here.
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Hi ChickOnWheels and

Welcome to BYC!

Sorry about one of the chicks. Many times these neurological issues stem from vitamin deficiencies and can be corrected with the proper vitamins. Especially the B's, E and Selenium. Poly-Vi-Sol works great on these little guys. Any poultry vitamins will do as well. Make sure he is warm enough as sometimes these types need a bit more heat than healthy chicks so I like to offer them a few degrees warmer in the brooder.

You can stop by our learning center here on BYC for other great tips on raising and keeping poultry that might help you take care of these day care babies....

Good luck and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!
Thanks for the welcome, guys!

Thank you, TwoCrows! I put an official thread in the illness forum in case you're interested. So maybe there is hope for him/her?? I haven't let myself get too excited, but I'd be thrilled to see this little chock survive. I would even build a coop and keep him and his friends, because thus has been such a cool experience. I did find out about vitamin deficiencies while searching, and bought PolyViSol yesterday. I hope it isn't too late.
Yes, they can pull thru. I have dealt with all kinds of brain swelling and other neurological issues and completely healed the birds. I like to use infra red bulbs too as they are a healing light. They penetrate the skin and really improve circulation over the white or standard red bulb. So if you can locate an infra red, this will help him too. I am not saying that he will definitely heal, but many times they do. So keep up the program and I hope he does make a full recovery. Keep us posted! :)
Oh, I am so encouraged by this. I know he may not survive, still, but I wasn't sure he even had a chance. I will switch to infrared if I can locate them. Anything else I can do to improve his chances? Maybe with diet? He's just eating regular chick feed that was supplied to me. I haven't added any supplemental fresh foods due to his age and not wanting to cause GI upset, just to be safe.
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No, in his condition, he needs to eat his starter feed to get all the nutrients he can get right now. So hold off on any goodies.

If he was my little guy, I would separate him for a few days and use infra red heat, a few extra degrees, I would add vitamins to his water and also dip his beak in the water to make sure he is getting these vitamins. I would also hard boil up some eggs and mash them up. (only what he will eat in a couple mins) and feed him this. Egg is great emergency food for chicks and is just loaded with B vitamins and other amino acids needed for good health. I would feed him this a couple times a day. Clean up what he doesn't eat in the brooder right away so it doesn't grow bacteria in the high heat.

This is what I would do for him. Keep us posted! :)
Thank you for all the help! I'll make him eggs today! I've been giving him the vitamins via dropper because I wasn't too make sure he's getting them. I'm checking Tractor Supply for an infra red bulb this afternoon. Many thanks! Just having proactive things to do helps me a lot.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about the little guy, good luck with the chick, TwoCrows gave you some great advice about treating him, I hope he makes it.

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