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    Sep 21, 2011
    i ahve had my girls for a while now, and today i got another call from our local spca. they have had a roo for more than a month, and finally convinced me to get him. he is beautiful!!! how on earth do i start this? just put one of the girls in his enclosure with him? do i leave her for a few days to get her laying fertilized eggs? and how will i know if he is fertilizing them? im so new at this, i probably sound like a complete idiot! im doing aunatural, so i will not be using an incubator. so does that mean i have to wait till one of my girls goes broody before i start pimping him out to my hens?
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    If you get a new chicken, doesn't matter where from, you should keep him/her in quarantine for a month at least. Just to make sure it's not carrying anything nasty like mites or worms or has any disease.
    After that you can introduce him to your ladies. Having a rooster with your girls will be nice for them. Roosters look out for predators and will call his ladies when he finds something nice to eat.
    A successful mating would ensure they lay fertile eggs for up to 2 weeks. Here's a link with pics to show you what to look for:

    If one of your hens go broody you can give her some eggs to hatch then. Don't worry about eating the fertile eggs. There isn't anything resembling a chick until the hen starts sitting, up 'till then there's just the possibility.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    quarantine him away from your flock for at least a few weeks to a month like Sumi said. You want to be sure he is not bringing anything extra with him when he moves in. As for introducing him you might pick a night after everyone is settled in and roosting and just put him on the roost. The next day he is just part of the crowd.

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