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8 Years
Apr 17, 2014
I've been scouring the internet and questioning my several friends who have chickens--all with no good answer as to what breed one of my three baby chicks is! One friend says Barred Rock, one says Orphington, but I don't think she/he fits well within either of those.

It has markings kind of like a chipmunk on its back, and has a very prominent comb at just 4 weeks (which I'm hoping does NOT mean male, because we can't keep it in our yard). It also has noticeably green feet/legs, but my farm friend insists I would not have gotten such a "fancy" breed as a Partridge Fowl from my farm store (that was my guess as to its ID).

Here are some pics of my baby:

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Cute chick, with that comb size and color at 4 weeks I would vote it is a little cockerel, it looks a lot like a Phoenix chick with the leg color, but there are a lot of breeds that are chipmunk looking as chicks.
Yep, little manly dude. Unfortunately you'll have to wait for him to feather out more before IDing him. That color pattern is the most common for chicks across multiple breeds.

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