Newbie Duck Questions About Winter


5 Years
Jun 10, 2014
Hey everyone! I have 2 Indian Runner ducks who are 4 months old now, so this will be my first winter with them. I was just looking for tips/advice for the winter. Several people say as long as they have a shelter and water, you don't need to do anything extra. Then others say at least provide a heat lamp.

One other question is when do you stop keeping a pool for them? It was down in the low 40s last night and when I looked out this morning...they were in the pool! Lol!

I live in St. Louis, MO so winters aren't as bad as other places. Last year we had a few days with negative temps but not many. Thanks in advance for any advice!
Some runners are less cold hardy than others. Based on my flock, I suggest you keep close wach. I keep mine above 40F at night and if it is below freezing I look out for shivering, stiff walking, scrunched up necks, less egg laying. Have a place they can be cozy (above freezing(.

I provide swim water as long as it is possible. Some days I dump out ice and refill water.

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