Newbie framing question on new coop


May 5, 2017
Independence MO
We get lot2 of wind. 40+ mph isn't unusual, last week up to 75mph gusts when a storm blew through. I'm seeing lots of people building a coop and run and just setting the frame on top of bricks of various sorts. Will this stand up against wind or should it have at least corner posts anchored into the ground? 4x6 coop with an 8x10 run with the coop enclosed in the run.


Flock Master
8 Years
Jan 10, 2013
I built an all-in-one coop/run - we used 6x6 treated lumber for the foundation - corners were notched to overlap and long metal anchor pins were driven thru both to join them. The coop/run framing was attached to that foundation.


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12 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
That's a good question. I get winds like that too. Not everyone does.

I have two 4x8 coops in addition to my main 8' x 12' coop. One is about 2' high and mostly wire, it's basically an isolation coop and seldom used. I don't anchor it and it hasn't been a problem.

The other 4x8 is about two feet off the ground, sitting on wooden corner posts. That's my grow-out coop and has mostly solid sides so it picks up a lot of wind. It is well anchored.

Your footprint, 8x10, will give you a fair amount of resistance to overturning, but the way I envision it you will pick up a lot of wind load. If I were you I'd find a way to anchor it.

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