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Oct 7, 2009
Hello everyone,

I am from the big town of Marksville, La., I am a mother of 3 children, 135 chickens, and a cat. I have been married to my husband for 6 years. I am a college student and my husband works for a Federal Prison. We got into chicken last December and I absolutely love them. We are mostly raising bantam right now, but I have a pair of Dutch silkies, and seramas. I hope to have a good breeding system going with my seramas and silkies by next fall. I am trying to produce quality chicken instead of quantity. I am looking forward to learning all I can about chickens and meeting new people with the same interests.

from southern LA!! This is a very informative group! What others do you have including in that 135 chickens? LOL
Nothing more just bantams, seramas, and dutch silkies. I did have some phoenix, salmon favs, and samatras, but they were growing to fast. I really miss my salmon favs. If anyone knows a breeder of the bantam sized ones please let me know. I forgot to say that I am a member of SCNA.


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