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5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Hello everyone.
I've been reading and learning and just finally decided to join so I can jump in and ask questions.
I raise/show New Zealand rabbits and last year adopted two laying hens; both Isa Browns. I LOVE my girls (named Bunny and Foo-Foo). They laid all winter long even though we had a horrendous winter. They live in my rabbitry, which is in an addition off my garage so they had a nice, large area. Trouble is, they like to get up on my rabbit cages and poo. Not as bad on the hutches with solid tops but I'm remodeling to all solid wire, hanging cages. NOT going to be pretty! So, I'm looking to building a coop.

Then... I finally got my wish and hubby allowed me to purchase a dozen guinea hen keets from TSC the first week in April.

Then... I let a pro photographer borrow a couple baby bunnies for her Easter photoshoot special. When I picked them up, she gave me her 3 chicks she had purchased for the photoshoot from TSC. One is a light Brahma (score!) and the other two were white so who knows... but now are a buff color at about 3 wks old so hoping they are buff orpingtons.

Then... I wandered into a new TSC store in another town and we walked out with 27 Silver Laced Wyandottes. Oops! But they were discounted to just .75/ea so how on earth could I resist?! ;) I figure I'll have fun raising them, maybe keep a couple pullets but sell most of them and put roos in the freezer. Looks like all but 4-5 are pullets! Yay me if I'm right! I guess customers passed over the duller marked chicks. hehe

Then... I horrified hubby by purchasing an incubator that holds 100 eggs from a friend. I traded her a baby bunny for it. How could I resist, right?

Oh boy! Looks like I'm getting hooked and need a bigger coop than I was originally planning on for my two spoiled hens. ;)
Welcome to BYC
A bargain is a bargain and all I can say is thank goodness we don't have feedstores selling chicks at those prices here! There are some nice BIG coop designs in the Coops tab to give you ideas. Enjoy your flock!
I had to laugh at your example of what I believe they call on BYC "chicken math". Your collection will definitely need a bigger coop. You might as well make sure it has room for all those chicks you will hatch out of your newly acquired incubator too ha ha. I think spouses of chicken addicts sometimes need a support group to put up with us. Those Guinea hens are awesome for bug control and alerting to predators. For now I wonder if a strip of corrugated fiberglass on top of the wire cages will help keep any chicken poop from falling in. Welcome to BYC and the chicken addiction.

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