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Hello everyone! BYC newbie from New Jersey. We have 4 girls that we bought from a farm at 4 weeks. Our little flock is now 7 weeks and they are outside in their new coop and run. In the last few days I am starting to think that we may have a rooster on our hands as I am noticing the sudden growth in comb and coloring. I'm paranoid, but no expert, so I'm hoping someone can ease my mind or help guide me what we should be looking for.

The suspect - a large comb that has popped up over night, coloring, and seems to be puffing out the neck feathers and is being a little more aggressive with the others:


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Welcome to BYC!

Sort of hard to tell from the pics. But compare the legs of this bird to the other birds. Cockerels will have much thicker legs than pullets. That is usually what gives it away early on, tree trunks for legs. I am not seeing any other signs just yet, but yes, you might post this in the What Gender section for some good IDing....

Enjoy your new flock and I hope this one stays a pullet!!


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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X3 on posting on the What Breed/Gender board, from the picture it does look like you have a little cockerel there.

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