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Sep 9, 2011
Hi everyone,

I'm Nic (Nicola), I am new to chickens and have just got my first group of chicks from a breeder. They're now 2 weeks old and keeping me entertained with their antics.

I've got 2 Buff Sussex (gentle and friendly), 2 Light Sussex (totally crazy, but funny chicks) and 2 Plymouth Rocks (cute little fuzz balls)

I found out about backyard chickens from google-ing chicken coop designs. Absolutely love this site, the resources here are awesome and so helpful. It gave me the confidence to raise my wee chicks rather than wait for pullets, which has been so rewarding.

I live in NZ, have a cat and 2 guinea pigs also. My cat is a bit 'special' and doesn't appear to have cat instincts so he's been great with the chicks. I'm still keeping one eye on him when they're hopping round the lounge but so far, so good.
I think the GPs will be excited to have chickens running round their yard, they love the cat and any activity so 'fingers crossed' for a happy animal family.

Anyways, "Hi!" and thank-you for all the coop ideas and info on the site and forums
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Mar 18, 2011
Laurens SC
Welcome to byc../ you'll love it I have learned so much and really do learn something new everyday.. and everyone is so helpful in advice

from South carolina..

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