Newbie from the uk with a disabled duck and lots of questions!

Happy Hector

May 20, 2017
Hi, I'm really new to posting so please bear with me, I'm in the uk and I have 6 chickens which are around 6years old and 6 pekin ducks that are 9 weeks old one of them is disabled he was the last to hatch and he is slightly bent and twisted he can walk but falls over a lot onto his left side but he is a fighter and was not expected to live! he has defied all the odds and original expert option by getting up learning to eat, swim and walk none of which he was expected to do so he deserves a chance,
at the moment we are waiting on specialist help to enable him to walk better with less falls but in the meantime I'm am keeping him indoors, the problem I have is I need a duck nappy so he can come out of his cadge more often not just when he has a hydro sessions in the bath! can anyone suggest where I might be able to get some? and I'm also looking for a harness which I could adapt with a buffer so when he falls his wings are protected and he can get up again and go outside for a bit with his brothers and sisters.
hope someone might be able to help!
Thanks :) nemo.jpg Nemo x
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Dec 29, 2014
I cannot help you with your questions but I can tell you that sesame seeds did miracle with my chick. she was the only one to hatch with low temperature and had crooked toes/splayed legs the day she hatched. I gave her sesame seeds and she ate them in the evening. the next day her legs were ok and within a week her toes were almost 100% normal. she is 3 months old now, happy and healthy.

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Jan 30, 2015
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Jan 10, 2013
:welcome so glad you have joined us.

Many people have house ducks and chickens - I think the diapers are the same for both.

Here's a past thread describing using a sock to make a Nappy:
Made my own duck diaper *directions added*

And a thread with a video of a chick in a rolling "wheelchair":
Prosthesis for my momma

Good luck with your baby duck. Sorry the copy didn't make a a direct link, but you can past in the search and that should take you to the info.


Feb 28, 2015
Northern Idaho
Hi Happy and welcome to BYC.
I hatched a Pekin last year and her feet were pointed in. she would step on her feet and fall over. I made her some shoes and this helped for a short while. ultimately she had a birth defect where her tendons on her right leg did not grow beyond a certain length, so she could not extend her leg well. during her last days w/us she was in pain and could not walk well, her wings were getting damaged since she used them to balance herself. I really miss her "Ali" was her name.

I made duck diapers for Ali when she was indoors and I am changing the pattern slightly to fit better. I currently have a single duck indoors that I hatched.

if you see or know someone who can see for you, I am willing to share my pattern w/you?

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I know someone is still making diapers for chickens & ducks but can't recall who.
I think if you would post on "show us your house ducks," someone there could refer you. They do use diapers.

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The only thing I do know about ducklings, etc. is that they can have niacin deficiencies which affect walking, balance, .. Brewer's yeast can be used to up their niacin. Sorry I don't know the dosage.


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May 16, 2017
Perkins are known to have these issues due to the breeding. I'm so sorry, super cute baby! Flightaviators I think is the website that sells diapers etc

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