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May 7, 2015
West Edmeston, NY
Never had any interest in chickens...until my hubby and I purchased a new home in September 2014 and the previous owner left the chickens as part of the "closing deal". I wasn't thrilled but my husband wanted them. So some of the chickens laid blue eggs and my curiosity peaked...started collecting the eggs couple if time a day. Started reading about chickens and chicken care. Really enjoyed the bug free surroundings. Then...Roxie..the chicken that layed the most beautiful blue egg died..started trying to figure out why...still haven't. I purchased several Ameraucana chickens for the beautiful blue eggs. All faired well over the winter. On good Friday...I arrived home to dead chickens everywhere and a horribly beaten rooster. 12 dead in all...and the roo a few weeks later. I have started replacing and researching and now I'm hooked...Filled my brand new incubator last night with 42 Catskill Homesteaders ....Here we go...
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Oh my! I am so sorry! Do you think this was human caused? I sure hope you can figure this one out. Again I am so sorry!

Good luck with your new flock! Good luck with the hatch and keep us posted!

Welcome to our flock!
I am aorry...I posted quickly earlier and left out the neighbor's dog...being the chicken killer. Our chickens are range. We live on 30 acres and about 600 ft. From the road. The guinea fowl are very good watch dogs and the neighbor has since promised to keep his dog home..and he has along with a invisible fence installation. My new rooster is beautiful, friendly and gentle with his ladies. I am a lover of most animals and I have now added chickens to that list
Well, your neighbor should also compensate you financially for the loss of your birds. I wouldn't count on the invisible fence. After dogs learn the boundaries, people usually put a dummy collar on the dog - sooner or later he discovers it won't shock him, or they don't replace worn out batteries. Also a dog in hot pursuit will go through the barrier before he realizes and continue on with his 'mischief.'

I'm sorry to sound bitter but, we hear all too many stories about neighbors dogs and cats - the chickens are always the ones that lose, their lives. Plus there is a great emotional toll to coming home and finding your babies slaughtered. They aren't "just chickens."

If you free range though, you have to expect predator losses. Chickens do not have much of a defense system, they can hide or some are good fliers - many are not. I hope this is the end of your bad luck, and many, good things follow. Welcome to Backyard chickens.

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