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    Mar 19, 2009
    I have 2 sets of eggs coming this next week to hatch. My new incubator is still in the box and I will get it started tomorrow to start stabilizing temps. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it. I have the LG still air with automatic egg turner. Thinking of putting it on the kitchen counter, maybe. Is a sponge recommended to help with the humidity? What type of sponge do you use? From reading the best way to add water is through the holes and with a straw? To get humidity out I open the holes? Ugh, I am so nervous already. And how do you know how much water to put in to raise humidity?
    They turn for 18 days, hatch on day 21? Need reassurance as to temps and humidity levels and on which days?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for soooo many ?'s
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