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May 5, 2015
Would love some advise please. I have 4 bantam hens and one columbian Pekin cock. I set 8 eggs collected over 3 days and popped them in my incubator. All 8 germinated but 5 died within 10 days (the blood ring of death) and others were promising. I candled again at 18 days (just before lockdown) and only 3 were alive. I'm now on day 24 and only one is still alive & showing no signs of hatching. The incubator is at 38c and humidity at 65%. Please help, what have I done wrong?

This is my incubator

Thank you
I have never hatched chicks, and sorry to say don't know Celsius temps to comment on that. I'm sure someone will come along who could advise you. I know from following the many "hatch-a-longs "on BYC that even many very experienced folks have periods of horrible hatches, especially from shipping, expensive eggs. It happens to everyone.
Hi :welcome

Glad you could join the flock! There are so many factors that can play a role in your eggs not hatching. Here are a few things to consider >
Parent birds health and age
Quality of eggs
How eggs were stored prior to incubation
Humidity during day 1-18 Did the air sacs grow correctly?
Turning of the eggs during incubation
Temp during incubation and was the temp correct. Do you have a trusted thermometer? I've just looked at your incubator and although it says a Brinsea I can't say I've seen or heard of that type from Brinsea and its seems very cheap in price for a Brinsea. If I were you I would certainly take a look at the official Brinsea website for your incubator. It may just be they are not available over here in the UK where I am. If not I would reccomend you double check the temp is right in yours.

Here is an excellent article on incubation failures and possible causes >

Good luck with your future hatches.

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