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Oct 30, 2012
Ok guys newbie here needs help~
we've inherited about 7 roosters. (3 banty roos, and 2 RIR) everyone seems to be getting along well. My question is will my girls still feel comfy laying eggs?
We have 2 full grown Bantys we also inherieted and need to know about how long to adjustment before I see eggs from them? Any advice or help thanks ya'll.
Well the roosters will most likely help the egg laying of your hens because they make the hens feel more protected and safe and therefore lay more eggs, so I think that answers your first question. For your second question I really don't know because it varies from bird to bird!
Good Luck!
First of all, I hope you are keeping the newbies separate from your girls for a while to make sure they are not carrying disease or pests?
As for your girls laying, they may be stressed at first if they're not used to roosters and that would affect egg production. Stressed hens don't lay. Ditto with the banties. They'll need a little time to adjust to the new environment. Make sure you don't have too many roosters with too few hens also. They'll fight over the hens and cause general unhappiness in the coop.

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