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Sep 11, 2013
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Hello all. I've been reading great information on this site for about a month or so now. We got our first 7 chickens then and built our coop. Then we proceeded to go chicken crazy! We built it big enough for max 30 birds looking ahead for babies and ended up buying 19 more pullets! So now we are at 26. That's 25 hens and one roo. We started with 6 beautiful heritage rose comb Rhode island reds and 1 majestic rose comb rir roo. They are all between 1 to 4 years old. The plan was to breed them and get some ameraucanas so we could pick out the eggs we didn't want to hatch...that lasted all of three weeks. We found some 5-6 month old pullets for a very reasonable price on craiglist and we just couldn't pass it up. Now we have barred rock, white leghorns, black australorps, araucana, ameraucana, buff Orpingtons, and some easter eggers. I can't wait for all the girls to start laying...looks like we are going to have a very colorful egg basket! I love our chickens. I will just sit in a chair in the run for a couple hours and watch them. The interaction and the way they communicate is mesmerizing. Its become my new favorite hobby.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! That's a lovely rooster.
No,there surely isn't! Lol...I love first thing in the morning when they run around the yard flapping their wings and chest bumping. Its the funniest thing! I sit and laugh every morning!

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