Newbie here...First time....HELLO!


5 Years
Mar 31, 2014

My name is Lindy and my husband and I are starting a small homestead. I am struggling with the idea keeping my girls in a coup/run all day or letting them free range. We live in a surrounding wooded area and a very large yard (1 acre) and the rest of our acreage goes into the woods. I have neighbors who live across the street with 2 large dogs.

I am debating if I should fence in our whole yard (very costly) so I can have chickens because right now...I feel really guilty for having such a nice property for them to forage on and keeping them in a coup all day....I just want them to be safe.

Thanks for any advice.
love it!!! I hate my neighbors dogs...they also venture into our yard and "you know what"! Would love to zap them!!

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