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Apr 22, 2014
Hello all,

First I should probably point out that I don't have any chickens...yet. ;) I live in one of the unincorporated areas of Lee County and it's pretty difficult to get a ruling on the whole BYC thing, as the ordinance is very vague. Still, I'm very interested and here to do some research on what it takes to raise some chickens! Glad to have this resource out there, so thanks to everyone who contributes.

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Welcome to BYC!

I sure do hope you can someday be able to keep chickens! Lots of areas are now allowing hens. I think that everyone should be allowed to experience all the joys of keeping poultry.

You might want to start with some reading in our learning center here on BYC. Lots of good reads on how to get started with chickens, building the coop, raising the babies, and keeping your adult flock happy, healthy and safe from predators...

You can also chat with others in your state thread on how they got laws changed or how they raise their birds...

And if you do run into trouble, we have a Local Chicken Laws and How To Change Them section that might help you out as well....

So this should get you started. I really hope you can get a flock of chickens soon. I can't imagine life without my birds!! Welcome to our flock!
I also live in unincorporated Lee County. I'm trying to find out if there has been any movement on this issue. I'd love to get chickens for my backyard. We have a half acre and would like to get 4-6 birds, but I'm not sure it has been legalized yet. This seems ridiculous, as you can keep chickens inside the Fort Myers and Bonita Springs City limits, but not in the rural residential areas. If they haven't been legalized yet, I'd love to help make it happen, I just don't know who to talk to.

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