newbie here ..Results from 2nd attempt to hatch...

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    Jan 21, 2011
    ok here is the results so far

    18 eggs into incubator
    7 tossed after day 12 candling
    11 went in to lockdown with no candling
    1 died while pippin
    2 have not hatched yet
    1 died this mornin with internals on outside
    as of now we have 7 that are ok,,,2 of them have toes that turned inward
    1 has legs that go outward---question---How long should I leave chickie in cup?
    5 seem to be doing good--- homemade incubator with light dimmer with out thermostat [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If you have not seen these links, you might look through them to see what best describes your results. It sounds like your incubation/hatching temperature might be too high. There are other possible causes for some of those things. You are looking at them and did the incubation, so you can better determine that than I can. If they hatched early, I'd really think high temperatures.

    Did you calibrate your thermometer? Those things can be off quite a bit.

    With a still air, the temperature should be 101.5 F at the top of the eggs. Since hot air rises, the temperature varies according to elevation in those. With a forced air, it should be 99.5 thoughout. I don't know if you put a fan in yours or not.

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