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Loco Ken

9 Years
Sep 13, 2010
Pacific NW
Hello! Been posting and lurking for a little while now and thought that maybe I should introduce myself formally.

"Hi, I'm Ken, and I'm a chick-aholic."

I've come to the realization that I have a problem and I needed help. So, I went a looking and found this great place to get my answers and just to hang out and meet some really nice people. Anyway, I live in Western Washington where it rains or drizzles through the winter most of the time. We get periods of snow but not like I did growing up in South Dakota. Married to a wonderful woman of whom I don't deserve, have two beautiful kids that I adore, and......I have some chicks. I live just outside of the "city" limits but we could be incorporated some day in the future so I am taking advantage of it. There is a petition to get it legal in the city limits to raise 4 hens, but I'm not waiting to see if it passes or if we get incorporated. And, I don't want just 4 hens so I'm going with the most I can put on my little piece here in the outskirts. This chicken thing is an addiction, like so many around here have mentioned, and I'm just glad we all can agree on it and move forward with our lives. Do you know how hard it is for me to not stop at the feed store and see if they have any chicks every time I leave town? When are the weekly meetings?

Thanks for having me here! Great place and great people!
I know how hard it is! Have fun on the forum!
Well Hello, Everyone!

I am just as happy to be here as you are having me!

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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From Western Washington State. Feel free to look up your states thread. it will be under Index- Where am I? Where are You!+State.

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