Newbie in NC making plans and getting my chicken education!

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    I would like to start raising chickens for eggs (possibly meat). I have 3 little boys and they eat 2d a week. We live outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. I know nothing about raising chickens but have several close friends who have them and will help.
    My husband is fantastic with tools, building, mechanics. He can figure out anything you throw at him. I'm a lucky woman!
    I'm happy to hear any advice you have to give! I would like to 'do it right' the 1st time and not skimp on the coop, breeds (would like prolific layers, gentle, interesting looking eggs... Was researching Australorp, Lavender Orpington, Cinnamon Queen, Blue Ameraucana... Thoughts?), feed (organic and soy free), etc. I'm not rich but we understand (from other ventures) that doing things this way usually works out better. We eat organic and live as naturally as we can. This also means we eat pizza when we get the urge or its a busy night so we are not 100% clean eaters! I also have two large dogs who I'm sure would love a feathery snack so the hens can't roam, we need a secure area. How do I ensure they have enough plants and animals to eat when I have to fence them in? I can plant them a little garden if that helps. How do I keep snakes away?
    Thank you for creating such an amazing place for us to learn. I have spent hours reading so far. I have so much to learn and I am thrilled to get started with my new education and adventure!
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    Welcome to Backyard chickens. The Learning Center can answer many of your questions. Check out the coop section for styles, sizes, etc. You can also check out the predator threads. I don't know how to keep snakes away - wish I did [​IMG]. Chickens who have not free ranged won't miss it. You can throw them greens now and then ( lettuce, kale, ) hang a head of cabbage for them just out of reach, and they will amuse themselves jumping up to get some.

    You can also get them meal worms( live or frozen) but basically you don't want extras to be more than 10% of their regular feed.

    The gold standard for fencing is 1/2" hardware cloth securely fastened to frame. It can also back any windows your coop may have, so nothing gets inside when they are open.

    Chicken wire only keeps chickens in, it does not keep predators out. It's always a good idea to cover the run. It will keep out climbers, keep in fliers, and protect from raptors as well. If you use a solid top is can also offer some protection from sun, and the elements.

    You can also post on your state thread, just put the name in the search box.
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    Apr 2, 2016
    Indian Trail, NC
    I am an avid vegetable gardener an have been for years. I plan on giving them scraps, just need to learn what is a no-no. Since we have dogs (who like to eat squirrels and bunnies) we need a safe playpen for the chickens. I plan on making an area for them. I'll look up the cattle panel coop!

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