newbie in need of little advice ,


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
hi all i had 12 in the incubator , 2 proved to be non fertile and the rest started to hatch yesterday iwas worried about a couple but came on this site and read read read great stuff .
so i waited and paitence paid off ,thanks
but i have 2 which pipped over 12 hrs ago , no problem il wait but i noticed on has blood around the pipped area so i candled and the
chick has not pipped through the air pocket then the shell its gone staright through the shell ? reason for blood , what should i do ?

sorry about pic quickest way to show you .
ps all other chicks are well

Welcome to BYC!

This happens occasionally. And my advice is not to do anything. After a chick pips, it can sit there for 24+ hours absorbing the last of the yolk and detaching itself from the inside of the egg. You don't want to help it out because you don't know what stage this chick is in and you can kill it. So I would just let it be and see if it hatches on it's own. Hatching out is like a test for the chick. If they can pass this test, then they are usually fit to live. Now, sometimes these types don't survive, but many times they do. So just sit back and let him do his thing. :)

But I so wish you luck on the rest of the hatch! Keep us posted on this little guy. :)
It is upside down in the egg, sometimes the make it, the blood is there because it is not done preparing to hatch, see that there is an air hole where it has pipped and let it be, helping it out wont help, it's not ready yet
Thanks today is day 22 . Yes i agree it letting it be . And will do but my main reason for the question is how long is this acceptable to say
Its in trouble . Thanks guys
I wouldn't help it out even it if never hatches. Chicks that you have to help out usually have all kinds of issues to which you end up putting them down in the end. But once they pip, a normal hatching chick will take 24 to 36 hours to zip out. I only help chicks out if they are at least 50%+ out of the egg and I know they are not still attached to the inside of the egg.
Yes i believe its upsidedown in the egg will this pose a problem or can the chick still hatch ok in this position
As I said earlier, sometimes they hatch out ok, and sometimes not. And even after hatch, sometimes they make it, sometimes they don't. This is going to be one of those, "you will have to wait and see" kind of thing. There really is nothing you can do at this point, and helping him out will do him no good and possibly kill him.

But don't get too down about it yet! These chicks can hatch out just fine and end up being the ruler of the roost!! So just hang in there and wish the little guy luck!

Both of these guys pipped around 9 am
Hopefully when i get up in the morning they will be out . Fingers crossed

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