Newbie mallard duckling mom-Need guidance!



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May 30, 2020
So 2 days ago, (using a lot of helpful references from this site), I successfully hatched 3 wild mallard eggs. Now I have many questions! Such as:
- Is it normal for them to try to jump out of the brooder? Every time I go by the brooder, or if they hear my voice, one or two try really hard to jump out. It's a plastic storage bin about 20 inches high & with each jump, I can see the top of its head reaching the top of the bin. I figure, if it can jump this high at 2 days old, it'll figure out how to jump out in no time!
-Are the additives in brewers yeast safe or should I be using pure brewers yeast?
I have so many more questions, but I'll just start with these for now since they're currently most problematic.
Thanks in advance

Edit: Explanation to clear up absurd accusations of me "stealing" wild eggs. These eggs were rescued from a nest, located on our property behind an AC unit, which had been ransacked by a possum multiple times and ultimately abandoned by the mother. Live Cam surveillance footage over a period of 22 days corroborates this. Proper channels were contacted & consulted with.
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I would wet their food a bit. Set one by the water and drop a bit of water on it's beak. Eventually they'll figure it out. What does your brooder setup look like?
Also, are you in the U.S. or U.K.? Because in the U.S. it's illegal to do anything with their eggs, and you'll need to take them to a wildlife rehab. Unless you have a permit
If they had a permit they would have had to prove they had the knowledge to raise them, been there and done it. If thats the case I doubt they would have them in a too small enclosure and having issues getting them to eat and drink.
I just meant that's the only way you would be able to have them in the U.S.
Whats most problematic is your blatant violation of federal law. A small pellet will be easier for them to eat.
Well, the funny thing is when the mother never came back after her nest was wrecked by a possum, I DID call our local animal control, who only directed me to call another waterfowl rescue/sanctuary without providing any contacts. Afterwards, I called the Audubon Society who said they didn't take ducks & but gave me the option of just leaving them in my yard or try a rehabber. Luckily, I was able to find a rehabber who did take waterfowl, however, being that they were located over an hour away, they would not come pick them up unless I brought them to her.
Not once, in my conversations with any of these entities, were any legal ramifications brought up nor any mentionings that what I was doing was wrong. In fact, the rehabber even suggested I should bring them in to get them warm, as they'd been left unattended in the elements for at least 48hrs.
I feel like I did my due diligence here, and am proud I saved & hatched 3 healthy ducklings. Are you suggesting I should've left them to die?? Because every other sanctuary I tried around here was either closed or not interested in taking any mallards due to the pandemic.

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