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Hi everyone,

I just want to ask on what to consider in building new coop. What are the things that I must learn? What are the materials that I'm gonna use? What are the advantages and disadvantages that I should be minding in putting my chickens in coop?

Thank you in advance.
If you are obsessive like me, there are so many factors to consider when building or choosing a coop... how much room do you have for it, how much money do you have to spend on it (multiply by 2 or 3 to get actual cost), how many chickens do you plan to get (multiply this by 2 or 3 for chicken math), how much time are you going to devote to take care of it (low or high maintenance), who is going to build it and what skills do they have, how soon do you need it (do you already have the chickens), do you want to be able to stand up inside of it, do you want to be able to move it around in the yard, what features are important to you, etc. Once you have an idea of these factors, go on the coop portion of this website and look at the various coops that others have built. Note what features and styles appeal to you. Read posts about the pros and cons of the different coops. Most people post that they wish their coops were bigger! Visit other people who have chickens and ASK QUESTIONS. That will get you started...
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You're in the right section to be asking. I have collected lots of ideas making several coops, nest, roosting area, open area, long run, etc.
Weather is a consideration. Ventilation Hot/Cold (Chickens make heat and moisture), Each chicken = a 10w bulb. Make a 4"-8" Draft at top (can close it off depe Inding on season).
River sand is better floor for summer and cleans easily like kitty litter, but is cold in winter. Straw/Woodchips work well too. Heat lamps over water and warm area in winter. Mine is open on bottom on the ground, and I have to scrape and dig and replace dirt lol. I use straw and woodchips along the edges (seem to keep the chickens from digging out). Packed dirt along the outer edges.

You need approximately 3-4 feet per chicken.
Mine is a 8' wide x 16' long and 8' tall sloped in the back to a 4' fence to ancor to.
128/12.25=10.45 (between 8-14)
So about 10 chickens would be happy. I have 10 in there and seem to be happy.

Up to 4 chickens will share each nest.
I have 4 nest with different shapes and sizes. About 12"x12"x12" should be plenty, I have seen just about every shape of nest in here except for a football helmet.
I also have a 2'x3'x16' detachable run that I can use for a temporary isolation pen.

Chicken wire. I use smaller wire on the bottom (in case I have to put smaller chickens in there, don't want them to crawl thru the hole playing peek-a-boo with the predators).
Chickens like to roost, about 8" for each chicken, so about 80" for 10 chickens, I usually figure a little more.

A tractor is a good way to move the fertilizer makers around. I'm currently working on a design of a tractor.

I would just look at all the pictures in here, lots of great ideas.
I would probably put climate at the top of the list of things to consider. Where they will be snowed in, they may need extra space to prevent pecking, and in hot areas like Florida they really only need a wire pen with some shelter on the windward side, and less indoor space but lots of shade, and breeeze.
I would do a lot of reading BEFORE you get your chickens. I see SO many posts that ask "Is my coop big enough?" And they already have the tiny coop and far too many birds for the coop - so why didn't they ask first??? So learn what's important to include in/with a coop (including ample ventilation). Learn what breeds would work well for your region. Learn how to build a safe run (unless you're free ranging). Check out the Coop Designs and the Learning Center - tabs at the top of the screen. And then ask questions, ask questions, ask questions.
Thank you for the help. I will be making list of the things I need to consider in building my own coop. It is really very helpful especially to me who's still new in this field.
Yeah you're right, I am really in the right forum. There are really lots of you expert people in this field who help newbies like me and I really appreciate that. Hopefully I will be able to share everything as I go on with raising chickens. ^_^
Yes, I have that in mind too to consider the climate as one important aspect before raising my chickens and building coops. Thank you.
Yes, you are really right. Me, myself as a newbie really need to learn a lot from experts here. I am reading posts on how to raise chickens and building their coops. And of course I am collecting what are the things I need to consider before I start with this. :)

Thank you for all your help.
I actually keep a spiral notebook next to the computer just for chicken stuff. When I read something, or talk to anyone about chickens, I make notes in the notebook about my thoughts, ideas, what was recommended, etc. Told you I was obsessive.

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