Newbie needs help selecting dual purpose breed


9 Years
Feb 26, 2010

I'm new to raising chickens and looking for a good dual purpose breed that forages well, has a docile reputation, and tends to be broody.
I guess we pretty much want a typical flock for meat, eggs, tick control, etc. We live in TN, so it's not extended cold, but it does get down into the single digits now and again.

So far, I'm between the New Hampshire, Wyandotte, and Orpington. Certainly there may other breeds that I haven't discovered yet.

Please give me your thoughts and experiences, and don't be afraid to include hatchery info.

Thanks for being here, this website has already been a fantastic resource.

I have RIR's, Golden Comet, and Buff Orphingtons. I can say my BO is the larger of the three, the quietest of the three, she has beenthe most consistant layer during the winter (the Comet was the first layer) and the only one to go broody.
You might consider Delawares or buckeyes both are dual purpose birds and great backyard birds.
I've looked at the Buckeyes, but the I think the eggs are smaller, and they are much more expensive.
This is a factor for me.

If I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

My buckeyes lay a large egg.I could hatch you some chicks but im in North West Georgia.The delawares lay a jumbo egg and lay daily if egg production is important.
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